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100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club's sole mission is to provide to all individuals the opportunity to experience fitness and TRUE person success by Accepting the Challenge of running (or walking) 100 miles at school during a single school year.

There are designated locations to get in some extra laps and miles. Check the 100 Mile Club Calendar for locations and times.


25 miles = T-shirt

50 miles= Golden Pencil with Membership Card

75 miles= Wristband

100 miles= Golden Medal (which will be given at end of the school year assembly)

More information and hopefully some clarification on 100 Mile Club:

*Students can sign up anytime throughout the year, it just helps to do it sooner so they can make 100 miles.

*Anyone can sign up (teachers, parents, older siblings etc.) as long as they pay the $10.

*The $10 goes directly to the 100 Mile Club to pay for shirts, prizes etc.

*Only sanctioned 100 Mile Club events will count towards miles. So for example running done at soccer practice or on their own does not count. 

*In addition to earning miles at school and outside events, we will have a few fun 100 Mile Club nights throughout the school year. More info on those to come later.

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